Rick Emondis an Illustrator / Writer / Designer / Comic Book and Graphic Novelist / Storyboard Artist  and Movie Poster Designer.  

Rick has illustrated for MTV, Marvel, DC Comics, LNL Partners and numerous Role Playing and collectible Card Games including Magic The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast.  Created sequential illustrations for projects as diverse as the original SciFi comic series Venus Rises and LNL Partners, Cinematic Graphic Novel series based on novels written by noted SciFi celebrity/actor/writer, William Shatner as well as Marvel Comic's very own Stan Lee.        

He has created Concept Art, Story Boards, Movie  Posters, Comics/Graphic and Book covers for Publishing  and Film projects in NYC, LA, Canada, England and China.  

Please feel free to contact Rick regarding his services on your project.

Rick Emond    RickEmond.com     860-389-1817


How can you not love it
when someone trusts
you to create the visual
interpretation of their
dreams.  To create a
world and the people
and things that exist
only in their imaginations.